Wednesday Improver Class

 We have the new teach/ at the top and old teaches underneath

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 New class teaches this week,

Hearts Don't Rust

Choreographed by: Tina Argyle

  Music:  Hearts Don't Rust - Brandon Davis 

Old Teaches

Green Green Grass

Choreographed by:  Karl-Harry Winson

Music: Green Green Grass - George Ezra

You Got Gold 

Choreographed by:  Yvonne Anderson

Music: You Got Gold - Nathan Carter

Honky Tonk Floor

Choreographed by: Rob Fowler (ES) & Agnes Gauthier (FR)

Music:  Honky Tonk Hardwood Floors - Cody Johnson

Texas Echo

Choreographed by:  Rob Fowler

Music: Texas Echo - David Ball

Select the dance in the box that you want,  Click on the white word and that will open your requested item in a new tab.